The corporate world is viewed as something toxic. This is expected when one is facing horrible bosses, never-ending deadlines, massive client presentations to name a few. The pressure is not only because of what the business requires but somehow, there is stress with personal dealings as well.

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It has become evident how much a working individual is prone to becoming burned out at some point. This is the reason why companies implements some campaigns that may somehow ease the burden and may give some time to relax. Some companies engage to personality training, while others involve their employees to their environmental and conservation campaigns, and some even plan events such as sports festivals and family days. The main objective of these activities is to provide some “breather” once in a while and to promote that working does not necessarily mean one should be exhausted.

Implementing company campaigns requires funding and so much preparation. However, the choice to hold a campaign for both the company and personnel has its advantage and that is to provide a good work-life balance.



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