As a person, one of the most essential trait is the ability to communicate what is in the mind and in the heart alike. There may be some misconception that communication is limited to the spoken words, this may be true during the younger years, but when a person ages, he must realize that communication is more than just the words being uttered.

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In the everyday living, communication is key to better understand what is going on around. It also adapted with the development and emerging of technology thus tool pertaining to improve communication among people are developed such as telecom services, and video and voice calls. It is a manifestation of how advanced people can be that even communicating progresses over time.

Despite what has been said and done, it is also important to know that more that the words being said, listening to what others have to say is also communicating. Communication is a two-way process and there is no possibility that it can ever be something that is unilateral.




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