Communication: More than just the words

As a person, one of the most essential trait is the ability to communicate what is in the mind and in the heart alike. There may be some misconception that communication is limited to the spoken words, this may be true during the younger years, but when a person ages, he must realize that communication is more than just the words being uttered.

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Implementing Company Campaigns

The corporate world is viewed as something toxic. This is expected when one is facing horrible bosses, never-ending deadlines, massive client presentations to name a few. The pressure is not only because of what the business requires but somehow, there is stress with personal dealings as well.

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Reasons to Work in Telecom

Even the not so techy and gadget-crazed individual would want to start working in a telecom. Aside from the perks and benefits of working in this type of industry, there are many things that can be learned and shared as time goes by. As they say, working in telecoms requires each individual to dig and solve each problem elevated by the consumers no matter how big or small.

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